IS Trainings & Capacity Building

Why IS Trainings & Capacity Building?

In this dynamically changing digital age, it’s more important that ever to keep upbeat with the latest happenings
around the world, especially when it comes to information security.
We look at building capacity across every level of an organisation with our ATOM approach.

The Atom Model



Awareness sessions for generic Non-IT and Top Management Staff for sensitization and hygiene regulation for safe usage of IT – both for their personal and professional benefit

Access Control Policy


Technological Deep Dive Workshops for a hands on training experience for the tech staff within an organization.

Cloud Security Policy


Operational Challenges for different domains around information technology with walk through around the problems along with successful implementation case studies.

Code Review Policy


Management Layer Training with focus on Policy Formulation, Strategy and Implementation Roadmap Construction

The Atom Training Course

Web Application ATOM

We provide the following training under Web Application ATOM

  • Enterprise Web Strategy
  • Web Application VAPT,
  • Secure Code Review Trainings for PHP, .NET, Java.
  • Product specific training for various industrially used web application scanners.

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IT Infrastructure ATOM

We provide the following training under Enterprise IT Infrastructure ATOM

  • Enterprise Infra Strategy
  • Operational Security Challenges while setting up a network
  • network VAPT methodologies
  • 3 Day 3 level course starting from basics of networking going to advance attacks over the network.

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Mobility ATOM

We provide the following training under Mobility ATOM

  • Enterprise Mobile Strategy Setup
  • MDM & BYOD Setup
  • Setting up of Mobile Centre of Excellence
  • iOS App Secure Code Development
  • Android App Secure Code Development
  • Mobile Client Server Attacks
  • Mobile network Attacks

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Incident Response & Digital Forensics

We provide the following training under Incident Response & DF ATOM

  • Enterprise Incident Response Strategy
  • Enterprise Digital Forensics Training
  • Product Specific Forensics Training

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Social Media ATOM

We provide the following training under Social Media ATOM

  • Enterprise Social Media Strategy
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Market Intelligence Gathering with the Social network

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Cyber Security Atom

We provide the following training under Cyber Security ATOM

  • Enterprise Cyber Security Governance Policy Formulation
  • SOC Setup Training
  • Alras Certified Ethical Hacker (L1, L2 & L3)
  • Malware Analysis (L1, L2 & L3)
  • Cryptography (L1, L2 & L3)

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Students Trained





Training Delievery Methods

Fly Me a Trainer

Our trainers fly to your premises, anywhere in the world to provide you with the courses.

Classroom Training

You/Your team flies down to our classroom sessions in New Delhi and go through the training at our labs.

Live Virtual Training

Our trainer schedules virtual training sessions where you can learn the courses online from across the world.

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